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  1. Mes felicitations

  2. Salam Aleykum

    Where i can find soure code, please. I cant fond that

    • Aleykoum salem,
      you can find code source in plugin directory /wp-content/plugins/quran-text-multilanguage

  3. Assalamu Alaykom brother
    thanks God that i found such job for Quran translation.
    thank you for you that you work hardly until you get this result.

    Just my brothr, i want to put your job in our website
    but it throw an error would you look at it please?

    thanks a lot
    Wael Makarem
    czech republic- Prague
    730 166 261

  4. Assalamulaikum brother it’s not showing in the display

  5. Asalamu Alaikum Brother,

    I would like to start my islamic website project. I have spoke to you about a year ago I don’t know if you remember and I told you I will need your help to complete this project. I have started a small business and this project is part of it. Currently I am looking for freelance developers for this project as well as other projects. I am looking for someone who can do customisations. If you are interested please let me know by email.


  6. Amer Khalil | 13 janvier 2017 at 7h32 |

    Aasalaam-0-Alaykum Brother
    You are doing a very good job, Masha-Allah. I was going to notify you that the audio components are not working and what I can do to fix it. I just read your Post that effective January, 08, the Audio plugins will not be working.
    I am a ‘newbie’ and trying to build my first website. It definitely is a learning experience, a good one Masha-Allah.
    Keep up the good work

    • Aleykoum salem,
      I contacted you on your email address to help you solve the problem.
      Jazak Allahu kheir

  7. Salamou 3alaikom warahmatou Lahi wabarakatuhu,

    First Let me thank you by saying Djazaak Allahu ghairen for this pluggin. May Allah swt give you hassanat for this work.

    I am developping a website for our mosk after installing the plugin en configuring it properly, it works allfine. So I don’t have any complain about the working or the installation. But after installing it, in the footer of our website appears a flash plugin I want this flash plugin out of the footer. is it possible to hide this embedded flash player ?? or if not possible how can I change the color now it is white, mij footer is green, so I see a white square in the footer.

  8. Please donate to this brother so he can continue improving this plugin.

  9. sakinah bernard | 18 février 2016 at 19h22 |

    as salaamu alaikum please send me info on how to get this plugin. shukran.

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